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The convergence between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is the most important development that will shape the way companies create value through the use of their data and analytics. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are strategically important for guiding business strategies.


ULTRA is a scalable platform that integrate and examine all the significant variables meaningful for our institutional client, allowing to analyze, track and predict with incredible accuracy the outcome of policies. 

Socio-Economic strengthening

The platform Ultra, leveraging the most advance network of algorithms, catch and highlights strengths and weaknesses of the socio economic structure in the geographic area of interest. Our team gather and upload all the available, metrics and data allowing the client to have a complete understanding of the effectiveness of each policy/case of study. 

Increase labor participation with pro-active policy that leverage on uncharted but present opportunity or underutilized stock of human capital and local knowhow.

Increase, maximize and direct community involvement in the most critical sector of need, with capability to aim specific geographic area and/or demographics.

Predict the impact and effectiveness of welfare program and social need given the baseline scenario and new/alternative policy.

Reduce crime and boost qualified urban development thru a data study and forecasting based on micro level forecast analysis of smart initiative. 

Budget opportunity maximization

ULTRA is capable, base on previous years of recorded budget and actual spending target, of generate a realistic forecasted scenario, recognize in advance critical opportunity and weakness and provide alternative and more effective solution.

Maximize the tax revenue stream while minimizing the negative impact in business and families. Thanks to AI & ML, Ultra is capable of generate maximization of tax structure opportunity, identifying the “optimum” thresholds base on real local scenario.

Forecast 10 years ahead the potential financial needs and generate a, b and c case scenario to support and direct based on data, the multi years budgeting effort.

Tax & Incentive evaluation considering the real stock of human capital and assets. ULTRA support the complex process of drafting local tax and regulation incentives while providing a useful tool that forecast the socio economic impact up to 15 years. 

Disaster-Emergency recovery

The algorithms that empower our ULTRA platform along with the experience maturated in the world most challenge post-disaster recovery, enhanced our team capability to offer immediate support in case of disaster recovery effort as well medium long term re-building effort and planning.

Assess and analyze the REAL material and non material damage impact, identify the immediate needs and evaluate the most effective way to intervene in the immediate aftermath to re-establish baseline normality.

Thru a blind spot pre-post disaster analysis, our tool discovers the most potential positive impact on a scale high to low, allowing the client with fast and effective decision making capabilities. 

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